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Employer Reactions to the Affordable Care Act

Survey Results: Many employers reported trying to rein in costs due to the ACA, primarily in boosting employee cost sharing, using high-deductible health plans, changing drug benefits and moving to self funding.

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IFEBP Survey – ACA Cost Impact on Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

How will ACA impact Employer Sponsored Medical costs next year? What are employer plans to deal with the cost increases? Read the recent IFEBP Survey to learn more.

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UPDATE: Research Fee Changes for July 2013

The IRS released changes in research fees for 2013, be sure to know which plans are effected and what fee you are required to pay.

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New Guidance on Affordability and Minimum Value

New guidance has been released on affordability and minimum value regulations for HRAs and HSAs as well as for wellness plans.

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The Final Regulations on PCORI Research Fees

Final regulations have been released on Dec. 6th regarding research fees imposed as a part of the Affordable Care Act.

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