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New Jersey Expands Disability and Leave Benefits to Address COVID-19

See the steps that New Jersey has taken to expand worker benefits during the Coronavirus crisis.

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New Jersey Legislative Updates

The state of New Jersey just put forward new legal guidelines and clarifications. Make sure you are up to date on these important developments by reading the article here.

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NJ Governor Signs Bills to Stabilize Individual Market

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed The New Jersey Health Insurance Market Preservation Act into law, which will require all state residents to have Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) starting January 1st, 2019. Click here to find out what the new healthcare requirements will be and how to inform your employees about this new law.

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New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act

On April 12th, the New Jersey State Senate passed the New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act. Click here to learn more about the different leave reasons covered by the Act.

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Update: NJ Small Employer Health Benefits Program

The New Jersey Small Employer Health Board recently met and re-adopted the NJ small group regulations (which sunset every 7 years), with certain changes and/or clarifications. These regulations will be effective for new and renewal business as of January 1, 2017. Briefly, the re-adopted regulations: Remove the state definition of a small employer and require…

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