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New Jersey Expands Disability and Leave Benefits to Address COVID-19

 New Jersey  amends the NJFLA and FLI to provide job protected, paid leave to care for family members quarantined due to COVID-19. This also provides job-protected unpaid leave to care for children due to school closures.   Employer Action: Employers should review leave policies to ensure compliance with the new guidance. Download the PDF to read…

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New York State DBL Quick Reference Guide

New York State law requires employers provide a disability benefit for their employees should they become unable to work due to an off-the-job related illness or injury. Download our free PDF to view the various benefits outlined in this reference guide.

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9 out of 10 Employees Lack Supplemental Disability Insurance

There is a necessity for the education of employees to know the benefits of disability insurance. Disability insurance, at its most basic form, is a plan that will pay a certain percentage of the employee’s salary in the event that the injury or illness prevents them from working. People are unaware that they could be receiving financial assistance instead of just protecting their job and using family or medical leave.

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Four Facts Outlining the Importance of Employee Benefits

These four facts emphasize the importance of workplace benefits to employees.

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Income Protection for High Limits Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your income, so make sure you are aware of offerings like Executive Corporate Sponsored Programs.

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