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Cambridge Announces 2021 Employee Benefit Summit!

Cambridge releases details on 2021 Employee Benefit Summit. 

The 2021 Employee Benefit Summit is arond the corner! This year’s summit will run from March 2nd through March 4th.  All scheduled times are EST.  Registration links to each session are included below.

Topics covered will range from:

  • 2021 Benefit & Cost Trends, Trending Benefit Offerings, Communication and Open Enrollment Strategies, Covid-19 claim costs, what lies ahead in 2022.
  • Information about new COVID-19 variants and the implications for testing and patient care, return to the office.
  • Health care updates, including regulatory changes to improve transparency and potential new rules from the Biden Administration.
  • Renewal Strategies and Negotiation Tips – Where are the INCREASE $’s hidden?
  • Tools Used to contain cost & improve employee engagement.
  • Technology Buying – Payroll, ERP, HRIS tips and strategies.
  • HR communication strategies.. What you can and cannot ask…
  • Wellness – plan of attack and engagement.
  • Panel Discussions:
    • Transition Strategy – One healthcare risk financing approach to another
    • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion 
    • Wellness Plans – success stories and best practice
Hear Thought Leadership from members of: 
Healthy Business Group
Career Management Associates
Cambridge Insurance Advisors




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