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Executive Health Insurance

A fully insured, executive benefit program that combines tax-advantaged healthcare reimbursement coverage and HealthConnections – a clinical concierge program for appointments, second opinions and clinical advice from specialty physicians globally.


Executive Health Insurance features:

  • Medical Reimbursement: up to $100,000 for Medical, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy and other eligible 213 expenses
  • 24/7 global medical and travel emergency support
  • Clinical support services: navigation to, and priority appointments with, leading specialty physician
  • Access to leading medical minds for second opinions, advice and information
  • Swipe-and-go MasterCard® for point-of-purchase reimbursement of Rx claims
  • Executive physicals for both the employee and spouse
  • Compliant with IRS and Healthcare Reform


First Class Service Built for Busy Executives

Executive Health insurance was built for convenience with ‘white glove’ service levels. When executives have a healthcare expense outside the company health plan, they can simply submit the claim for reimbursement—usually within five to seven days. A swipe-and-go MasterCard® provides instant reimbursement at point-of-purchase to eliminate the need for filing prescription claims, a highly valued convenience feature. Expanded coverage for most 213 eligible expenses and ease-of-use combine to make create a highly valued supplemental benefit.


Better Outcomes for Unexpected Health Problems

Clinically based, objective support helps executives quickly locate and access the right expert medical resources. Navigation is provided to a specialist with proven experience and reputation in treating the specific condition. When an executive or family member cannot travel to the best specialist, an expert virtual second opinion service provides critical advice and medical peace-of-mind. Better Outcomes for Unexpected Health Problems.


24/7 Emergency and Medical Travel Support

Objective healthcare support that is always on call. With just one phone call, executives have 24/7 access to help locate top-rated doctors and facilities to coordinate care while traveling. If hospitalized more than 100 miles away from home, a medical air evacuation services provides medical transportation to a destination of their choice at no cost. This executive health insurance benefit is in addition to the $100,000 annual coverage maximum.


Member Portal for Medical Records and Planning

Instant access to your medical history can make a significant difference in a physician’s ability to treat you in an emergency. An on-line travel and medical emergency portal allows you to securely store vital personal medical information, copies of travel documents and more. It also offers a broad range of tools for destination medical and security planning and information.


Regulatory Compliance

Section 105(h) of the internal revenue code allows you to provide medical reimbursement on a selective basis within a workforce without affecting the tax-advantaged status as long as the program is not self-insured and can demonstrate actual risk transfer to a carrier. Executive Health is fully insured and promotes complete risk-transfer thus satisfying these compliance requirements.


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