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Is Long Term Care Insurance Affordable?

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is the only type of coverage that protects your assets that you have taken a lifetime to accumulate. But is Long Term Care Affordable? Click the article to find out.

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What the Wealthy Need to Know about Long Term Care Costs

The wealthy need to worry about long term health costs, too. Read recent US Trust survey results and ways to mitigate your risk.

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Long-Term Care Insurance Considerations

In the U.S. close to 70% of people will require long term care (LTC.) This number may seem shocking which is exactly why it is important to be prepared. LTC insurance should be taken seriously and it is never too early to start considering the different options.

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2013 Long Term Care Insurance Federal Tax Deductions

The IRS releases 2013 long term care insurance deductions with new adjustments for cost of living and inflation.

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Pay for Long Term Care Insurance – Tax-Free

New Pension Protection Act rules allow for tax-efficient ways to pay for Long-term Care Insurance. This in a must read article.

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