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IRS Restores Original 2018 Family HSA Contribution Limit

After adjusting the Family HSA Contribution Limit to $6,850 in March, the IRS has restored the limit to $6,900. Here’s what to do if you or your employees have already adjusted your HSA to the $6,850 limit. Click here to learn more about the 2018 HSA and HDHP limits.

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3 Things You Should Know About the Recent IRS Bulletin No. 2018–10

IRS releases adjusted H.S.A. limits with reduced benefits retroactive to 1/1/18. Follow the link for 3 important updates.

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Extension of Deadline for 2017 Forms 1095-C

The IRS recently issued Notice 2018-06. Read our article to understand the limited extension created by the Notice.

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2018 Cost of Living Adjustments

Earlier this month, the IRS released cost of living adjustments for 2018 based on the Internal Revenue Code. Some of these adjustments may affect your employee benefit plans. To stay up to date on these changes, download our free PDF.

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2018 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for Health Savings Accounts

The IRS released their 2018 adjusted amounts for health savings accounts and their high deductible health plans. All limits including individual coverage and family coverage increased from 2017 amounts.  Download our free PDF below to find out the rates for individual and family coverage.  

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