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New Jersey Expands Disability and Leave Benefits to Address COVID-19

 New Jersey  amends the NJFLA and FLI to provide job protected, paid leave to care for family members quarantined due to COVID-19. This also provides job-protected unpaid leave to care for children due to school closures.   Employer Action: Employers should review leave policies to ensure compliance with the new guidance. Download the PDF to read…

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Overtime Pay Consequences of Common Employee Benefits

Final regulations have been published by the Department of Labor for overtime pay purposes. See how new directives could affect you by following the link.

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5 Reasons to Provide Student Loan Assistance as an Employee Benefit

More employers are turning to Student Debt Loan Repayment as a benefit to meet increasing demand from employees. Click the link to learn about the benefits for employees and employers.

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MHPAEA Enforcement Update, Compliance Tools Released and Proposed FAQs Issued

The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) has proposed new FAQs providing clarity on  non-quantitative treatment limits that violate the Mental Health Parity and Addition Equity Act(MHPAEA). Click here to learn more about the changes coming to EBSA’s enforcement of MHPAEA and the resources available to see if your plan falls under MHPAEA rules.

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Health Coaching: A Holistic Mind-Body Approach

At Cambridge, we view health as a business strategy that can be used to create a competitive advantage for our clients.  We help our clients create a health strategy that fits their company’s unique population to lower health care spending, while improving the overall health and well-being of their participants through engaging and interactive health…

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