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10 Things You Need To Know About 401k Plans

The world of retirement planning can get complex, so here is a breakdown of what you need to know about 401ks and your options.

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401k Fee Disclosure FAQs

Especially with new regulations in place, the specifics of 401k fee disclosures can be difficult to navigate.  Below are 10 common questions and concerns employers have regarding 401k fee disclosures so that you can be aware of the fees you are being charged in conjunction with your 401k plan. 1.  What are the required disclosures?…

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All You Need to Know About 401k Fee Disclosure to Service Providers

What information must be disclosed? What are you supposed to do with this information once you receive it? What are the consequences for Non-Compliance?

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New Department of Labor 401k regulations: Are you Compliant?

With hidden 401k fees and new disclosure regulations in effect, is your company in line with new 401k regulations? What is your liability?

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Net Unrealized Appreciation Strategy

If you have employer stock in your 401(k), you may qualify for special tax treatment called net unrealized appreciation (NUA). Using the NUA strategy, you can reduce your the rate from 35% to 15% on the gains of your employer stock.

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