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IRS Guidance on Healthcare Reform and Definition of Full-time Employee

With healthcare reform, employers with 50 or more employees can avoid penalites by understanding the IRS definition of full-time employees.

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Healthcare Reform: New IRS Safe Harbor for Employers with 50+ Employees

New guidance for variable hour or seasonable employees and employees reasonably expected to work full time. Read more to avoid the $2,000/$3,000 penalty.

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Increased Medicare Taxes in 2013

Healthcare Reform imposes additional Medicare Taxes on Earned Income and Unearned Income. Read if you will be impacted and how to plan.

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Reduce Costs as an Employer by Encouraging Urgent Care Center Use

What’s the difference between urgent care and emergency care? Knowing this can save your business and employees money.

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401k Fee Disclosure FAQs

Especially with new regulations in place, the specifics of 401k fee disclosures can be difficult to navigate.  Below are 10 common questions and concerns employers have regarding 401k fee disclosures so that you can be aware of the fees you are being charged in conjunction with your 401k plan. 1.  What are the required disclosures?…

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