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A 90 Day Waiting Period Outlined by Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform has prompted employers to adapt to new regulations, become familiar with the 90-day waiting period to ensure compliance.

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IRS Confirms W-2 Safe Harbor to Determine Plan Affordability

With health care reform, the employer mandate requires affordable employee coverage, a safe harbor determined by the IRS to be 9.5% of W-2 wages.

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Consumer Driven Health Plans – Now 2nd Most Popular

An Aon Hewitt survey reveals a move towards CDHPs rather than other employee benefits designs.

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Research Fee for HRAs and FSAs, Know the Difference

With health care reform, there may be changes in the research fees you incur. Make sure you know the difference between fees for HRAs and FSAs so there are no surprises.

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Women’s contraceptives covered at $0 cost

Effective Aug 1st, Women’s contraceptive methods will be covered at 100% for TIER 1 scripts as part of HC reform laws.

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