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FAQ Regarding Maine’s New ‘Earned Paid Leave’ Legislation

Maine’s Department of Labor recently announced the Earned Paid Leave Law which will become effective on January 1, 2021. Download the FAQ PDF here to find some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the legislation.  

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Maine Department of Labor “Regulation of Employment” Information

Labor Laws of the State of Maine provide protection for people who work in Maine. The Maine Department of Labor administers the laws, which all employers must follow. Department representatives inspect workplaces to ensure compliance. Citations and penalties may be issued to employers who do not comply. This poster describes some important parts of the…

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Maine Law Requires Employers to Provide Employees Paid Leave for ‘Any Reason’

Maine Governor Janet Mills has signed into law “An Act Authorizing Earned Employee Leave,” the first law in the nation to allow employees to use mandated paid leave for any reason. The new law, signed on May 28, will take effect on January 1, 2021. Approximately 85 percent of Maine’s private sector employees will receive…

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DOL: Maine Rules Governing Earned Paid Leave

12                                                          DEPARTMENT OF LABOR 170                                             …

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Welcome Ashley Hrubala to Cambridge Team

Ashley Hrubala As Account Executive, Ashley will be the day to day contact and will be involved in employee benefit renewals, execution of strategies for cost containment, and wellness and culture initiative. She will be responsible not only delivering efficient and effective consulting and brokerage services to her clients, but will also oversee each client’s…

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