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Health Coaching: A Holistic Mind-Body Approach

At Cambridge, we view health as a business strategy that can be used to create a competitive advantage for our clients.  We help our clients create a health strategy that fits their company’s unique population to lower health care spending, while improving the overall health and well-being of their participants through engaging and interactive health…

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Medicare Part D Notification Requirements

Employers who sponsor a group health plan must notify Medicare-eligible participants and beneficiaries as to whether the drug coverage provided under the plan is “credible” or “non-credible” by Monday, October 16th.  To learn more about your requirements as a group health sponsor, download our free PDF below. 

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NY Says Paid Family Leave Deductions Will Be Post-Tax

With New York’s Paid Family Leave program set to begin on January 1, 2018, state tax officials have released more information regarding how benefits will be treated, including that deductions will be taken from employees’ after-tax wages. To learn more about Paid Family leave deductions, download the rest of our free PDF.

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Update: Employer Penalty and 1094-C/1095-C Reporting

Are you wondering whether the penalties associated with the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions are still in play and if Forms 1094-C and 1095-C will still be required since Senate failed to pass legislation to replace and repeal the Affordable Care Act? For now, plan to comply and complete the forms for 2017 (due January 31, 2018), because potential penalties for not adhering are high.  To learn more about how applicable large employers may be affected, download our free PDF below. 

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2018 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for Health Savings Accounts

The IRS released their 2018 adjusted amounts for health savings accounts and their high deductible health plans. All limits including individual coverage and family coverage increased from 2017 amounts.  Download our free PDF below to find out the rates for individual and family coverage.  

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