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Financial Recovery Strategies for Class Action Settlements

Cambridge has partnered with Bottom Line and Financial Recovery Strategies who are experts in class action settlement claim filing. There is no risk and no out of pocket cost to you as our experts do all the work. If you wish to learn more about these settlements or the value Financial Recovery Strategies can bring to your company, click on the appropriate links below.



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D-RAM is a memory unit either sold separately or already installed in electronic devices, namely computers and printers. According to the claim, manufacturers conspired to fix prices resulting in inflated prices for consumers. A fund containing over $300 million is available those who file a claim against the manufacturers. Businesses qualify to receive money from the settlement fund if they bought D-RAM products between 1998 and 2002.




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This PCIF (Payment Card Interchange Fee) claim potentially affects millions in the U.S. An interchange fee is a fee paid to card companies by the merchant or business for each transaction conducted using a payment card. The settlement impacts all people, businesses, and other entities that accepted Visa or MasterCard cards in the U.S. between January 2004 and November 2012. The card companies are accused of fixing fees for card purchases and preventing retailers from offering cheaper payment options. A $5.7 billion settlement fund is available to those impacted by the claim.


Lithium Ion Batteries

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Another price fixing scandal plagues the lithium ion battery market. These batteries can be sold separately in stores but are also found in a wide range of electronic devices. Products such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, and tablets use lithium ion batteries as an energy source.  All people and entities in the U.S. who purchased these batteries or products that contain the batteries may be affected.  As of the writing of this article, no settlement has been reached.



Polyurethane Foam

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Polyurethane Foam is found inside countless furniture products, particularly chairs and couches. The claim applies to all individuals and entities from several states that have purchased furniture with Polyurethane Foam from January 1999 to the present. There is no monetary settlement at the moment but the court processions are still in progress.





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