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Five Facts about Employee Benefit Trust

An employee benefit trust (EBT) helps businesses retain talented employees. By offering employees a wider range of benefits for a lower cost, employers gain a significant advantage over competitors while reliving some pressure from their bottom line. EBTs are open to employers with 50 or more employees enrolled on benefits.




What you need to know about EBTs:

1. Gain access to products and services typically exclusive to larger groups.

2. EBTs operate by aggregating risk into large, stabilized pools of business. 

3. Access to premier insurance providers at reduced rates. 

4. Enhanced purchasing power. 

5. Broader range of services to relieve the administrative burden. 


More than just Employee Benefits

Gain access to products normally available only to large employers.
  • One invoice, one enrollment form for multiple carriers
  • Employee Call Center for Enrollment &  Claim Advocacy
  • 5500 Filing, COBRA administration, billing and premium collection, and other services
  • $50,000 productivity savings, on average, per 100 employees
Show your employees that you care about them. A recent study conducted by Harvard University found that employees who trust their company and are happy at their jobs will perform better. Cut back on the administrative strain and make your business a better place by considering an Employee Benefits Trust. 


Find out if an employee benefit trust is right for your business.

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