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Don’t Downplay the Impact of HR on your Business

Human Resources seems like a vague term in the business world but for good reason. Looking at some of the aspects of the field which include compliance, hiring, firing, payroll, employee benefits, and employee training, one begins to understand how massive in scope HR really is. Therefore, to think that the HR job can be fulfilled by just one individual is irrational.

EmployerSmall businesses often find themselves in need of assistance with HR. Compliance alone is a hefty responsibility given the 100+ laws and regulations on businesses in 2014. Additionally, HR is a non-revenue producing task and small companies need to concentrate on growing and making a profit.

Large employers are not exempt from the burden of HR either, far from it. As your business grows, your HR needs change but they do not get any less complicated. In fact, with the imminent ACA changes, large employers need help just as much as the smaller ones.

At Cambridge, our advisors can assess your situation and create a solution specific to your needs. With the new ACA regulations soon in effect, every advantage is worthwhile. You can gain an edge over your competition by being prepared. Moreover, with a better HR strategy you can enhance the work environment. The benefits go on and on and are often overlooked.

See how Cambridge can boost your HR strategy. Call Arthur Grutt at (212) 695-7495.

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Arthur Grutt