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5 Advantages of Captive Insurance

 Reduction and Control of Commercial Insurance Costs:

The first step in the captive process is to do a formal and complete review of your existing insurance coverage to demonstrate where the commercial carriers are making the  highest profits off of your company and determine how you can lower those costs.

Create A New Profit Center:

We help companies take what has historically been an expense (insurance premiums) and turn that into a new profit center by owning your own insurance company.

Customized Coverage & Policies – Industry Specific:

Most executives would want as much insurance coverage as possible, however, they don’t want to pay for it.  What if you could create your own insurance coverage specific to you and your company and pay yourself?  That’s what a captive does. 

Asset Protection & Tax Planning:

There are many additional benefits to setting up a captive that have nothing to do with income tax planning.  A properly structured captive will allow business owners to benefit from income tax planning, asset protection, and potential estate tax planning all within your captive.

Additional Benefits:

  • Provide Supplemental Insurance Coverage
  • Coverage for “Excluded Items”
  • Administer Claims on Your Own Terms
  • Build up Reserves Tax Efficiently
  • Reduction in Employee Benefit Costs
  • Tax Planning: Distributions at Favorable Rates, Estate Planning & Income Tax Planning
  • Create a Giant War Chest for the Business
  • Retain Key Employees




Is a captive strategy right for your business? Our consultants can help you weigh the options are provide guidance in the captive process. Contact Arthur Grutt at (212) 695-7493. 

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Arthur Grutt