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Income Protection for High Limits Disability Insurance

One’s ability to earn a sizeable income is often their biggest asset, yet it is often taken for granted. Cambridge provides unique high-limit disability insurance solutions for high net worth individuals.Income Protection for High Limits

Coverage is available above and beyond what traditional Group and Individual insurers offer.


Exclusive Corporate Sponsored Program:

  • Guaranteed Issue – No Exam or Questions 
  • Voluntary Purchase – No Cost to Employer and No Impact on Existing Group Disability Program.
  • No Participation Requirement



  • Own Occupation Definition of Disability 
  • 65% Income Replacement up to $200,000 per month with underwriting (up to $50,000 Guaranteed Issue).



A successful partnership had 400 members of the firm with significant earnings. Their Group and Individual Disability only provided $40,000 per month of benefits. Cambridge was able to s e c u r e an additional $40,000 per month Guaranteed Issue48% of the Partners decided to participate in the voluntary offer to better protect their income. There was no cost to the firm for making coverage available.   



Executives were earning $2,000,000 per year, but only had $25,000 per month of disability coverage through their company. This benefit provided less than 15% income replacement ratio. Cambridge was able to secure an additional $85,000 per month of disability coverage to better protect the executive earnings in the event of illness or injury. Up to $50,000 was available with Guaranteed Issue.

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Arthur Grutt