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An HR director of a 115- employee company struggled to meet the demands of regulation and benefit plan regulatory requirements. They were also concerned with details regarding FMLA, COBRA, summary plan descriptions, and annual reporting. Utilizing HR360, the HR team now has access to a compliance checklist to track activities, answer benefit questions and model documents. The client was introduced to the many advantages of purchasing benefits through a multiple-employer trust. As a member of the trust, the 5500s are filed on behalf of all clients. The HR Director receives confirmation when the 5500 has been completed and there is no required involvement on his part. Therefore, he no longer has to struggle with 5500 filings, and is thrilled to have the tools and resources he needs to ensure the benefit plans meet regulatory requirements.



  • Customized employee communication materials to help effectively communicate benefit options and changes.
  • News and information specific to your insurance carriers
  • Topic-specific updates and notices on industry changes
  • Checklist of requirements with timelines and model language.
  • Thorough risk analysis
  • Guidance & recommendations in one comprehensive report
  • Action plan development & implementation


Cambridge recognizes that the range and complexity of compliance issues can be overwhelming. We support our clients by providing useful services, resources and tools through a single administrative engine that will help you better understand and successfully fulfill a variety of obligations associated with employee benefits.

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