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3 Ways the Opioid Crisis Has Affected Your Healthcare Plan and Business

This summer Congress has made addressing America’s opioid epidemic a top priority. They are expected to vote on multiple bills that will regulate the prescription of opioid, illegal trafficking and promote alternative treatments for acute pain. Click here to learn more about how the crisis and the legislation to address may affect your healthcare plan.

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5 Common Mistakes when Exiting a PEO—and How to Avoid Them

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have become very popular with the passage of the Small Business Efficiency Act and increased health premium costs for small business. As companies grow to 50 or more employees, many employers build their internal HR team and outgrow their PEO as they can procure competitive benefits without the expensive administrative fees….

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3 Pros of Joining a Certified PEO (CPEO)

The IRS is now certifying PEOs and granting their employer customers tax benefits when entering or leaving a CPEO. How could joining a CPEO benefit your company? Click here to learn more.

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Health & Welfare Plan Reporting & Disclosure Obligations

As DOL audits are on the rise, employers should be aware of their plan sponsor liabilities. Confused about reporting for employer-sponsored health and welfare plans? Here is a consolidated list with simple explanations of the required reporting and disclosure obligations for your plan under federal law. To gain access to this valuable resource, click here.

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7 Questions About Health Coverage for Domestic Partners

The legalization of gay marriage in June 2015 has since raised questions about how employers and healthcare providers should include registered domestic partners in their benefits plans. Click here to learn more about federal and state regulations on healthcare plans for domestic partners of employees.

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